Why choose iThermo®

► Advanced Thermal Technology

► The Origins

► Subzero for 6 hours
The Thermal Power without Electricity  
■ Ultra-high latent heat capacity and various fusion points  
iThermo® technology crystallizes at its iThermo Cell™, advanced chemical synthetics that has ultra-high latent heat capacity and various fusion points. It absorbs heat from objects in touch with it, cools them, and maintains the low stable temperature for long hours.
■ Cooler and more durable than wet ice and blue gel  
Conceptually similar to cooling agents like ice and Blue Gel, BUT iThermo® is revolutionary different in two aspects. 1) iThermo® technology is capable to deliver multiple sub-zero temperature levels, while normal gel ice or wet ice can only deliver a temperature at 0°C. 2) The ultra-high latent heat capacity enables the cold temperature to be sustained for long hours to facilitate long-time transportation without electricity.