Powered by iThermo Cell™
32°F / 0°C Chilling Power or 14°F / -10°C Frozen Power.

iThermo HUB™ D1-D6 is powered by long lasting, rechargeable cold power, iThermo Cell™ C01 (deliver 32°F / 0°C chilling power) and iThermo Cell™ F10 (deliver 14°F / -10°C frozen power) which does not require any electricity power.
Best Thermal Effect
Up to 10 hours sub-zero temperature.

iThermo HUB™ D1-D6 can deliver sub-zero cooling power for up to 10 hours, which can keep food cold and fresh.
5 layers of insulated materials
Maintains stable performance.

The outer layer of the Cooler Bag is made of water-proof and durable aviation material to secure temperature control. The inner part consists of shiny aluminum foil and five layers of high-quality insulated materials to reduce heat and enhance insulation.
Food safe and non toxic
Safe for food storage.

Foldable design with non-toxic, food safe, lightweight and durable materials enables multi-functionality. Great for Mother’s breast milk and other dairy items, children’s food and drinks, picnic snacks, packed lunches, party & outdoor gatherings, and business refreshments.
No power required
Lasting, rechargeable cold power.

Without using electricity, iThermo Cell™ can keep temperature up to 14°F (-10°C). Before use, lay flat & recharge in freezer for 24 hours until it is frozen as completely solid.
Rechargeable and reusable
over 300 times.

Thermo Cell™ can recharge and reuse over 300 times.