1:90 Ratio

In order to achieve the most optional results, always follow the Ratio – 1:90.

If your cooler is 17 Quart, multiply 17 x 90 = 1,530 and that is how much in grams of iThermo® Cell you will require for your cooler.
Using iThermo Cell™  
▪ Before Recharging iThermo Cell™

1. Please read the following instruction carefully.
iThermo Cell™ C01 & F10 can recharge at 0°F (-18°C) freezer.
iThermo Cell™ Z20 can recharge at -40°F (-40°C) freezer.
2. Rinse iThermo Cell™ with water before recharging.

▪ Recharging iThermo Cell™

3. Lay flat iThermo Cell™ while recharging.
4. Recharge iThermo Cell™ at freezer for 24 hours.
5. Please do not open the door of the freezer while recharging.
Using iThermo HUB™  
To maximize the cooling power of iThermo® cold-chain logistics and storage systems, air circulation and margin shall be optimized in the following ways.

▪ Good Cold Air Circulation
Always place the iThermo Cell™ at the top level of the iThermo
HUB™ to ensure good cold air circulation.

▪ 1-inch Air Margin
Always leave an approximated depth of 1” at both end of the Insulated Container to help ensuring greater air circulation flow.

iThermo Cell™, iThermo HUB™ and iThermo HUB Lite™ are safe to contact food directly. An appropriate food handling practices is important to cold-chain logistics use.

▪ Prevent Cross Contamination
Do not store certain types of raw food and cooked / ready-to-eat foods together.