Freezing Without Electricity
High-Performance Cooler Box

iThermo HUB is a high-performance cooler box with extra-thick insulation. With 3 sizes of 27QT, 62QT and 126QT, iThermo HUB can keep items cold below -4°F (0°C) for more than 24 hours.
Professional Adaptation
Stackable Design and Accessories

iThermo HUB is adaptable for professional logistics usage, with stackable design, tailor-made push carts and side handles whenever necessary.
No more -4°F Truck
Electricity-Free Cold Chain

Each iThermo HUB™ operates as a separate cooling unit with their own iThermo Cell™, needing no electricity. Get rid of the expensive yet inflexible -4°F (-20°C) truck!
Multi-Temperature Transport
32°F, 14°F or -4°F at ease

Unlike the inflexible traditional -4°F (-20°C) truck, you can now store different perishables at different temperatures, while loaded onto the same dry truck for different drop off locations.
No power required
Lasting, rechargeable cold power.

Without using electricity, iThermo Cell™ can keep temperature up to -4°F (-20°C). Before use, lay flat & recharge in freezer for 24 hours until it is frozen as completely solid.
Eco-Friendly Technology
300-times reusable

iThermo Cell™ can recharge and reuse over 300 times.