The Mobile Refrigerator
Simple Concept, Wide Application

iThermo HUB Lite™ cold chain concept consists of 2 major components, the iThermo HUB Lite™ Polystyrene boxes, powered by iThermo Cell™
of 32°F, 14°F or -4°F (0°C, -10°C or -20°C) .
Subzero All The Way
for 8 Hours Without Electricity

Every iThermo HUB Lite™ can last at subzero tempeartures stably up to 8 hours, ensuring your delicate perishables are kept in low temperature all the way during the delivery.
No more -4°F (-20°C) Truck
Electricity-Free Cold Chain

Each iThermo HUB Lite™operates as a separate cooling unit with their own iThermo Cell™, needing no electricity. Get rid of the expensive yet inflexible -4°F (-20°C) truck!
Save 30% of Your Cost!

Using a dry truck instead of-4°F (-20°C) truck saves the huge cost of purchase, maintenance and extra gasoline to run the freezer engine.
Multi-Temperature Transport

Unlike the inflexible tranditional -4°F (-20°C) truck, you can now store different perishables at different temperatures, while loaded onto the same dry truck for different drop off locations.
300-times Reusable

iThermo Cell™ can recharge and reuse over 300 times. The Extra-Thick polystyrene material not only increases the cooling power but also the durability of iThermo HUB Lite™.