Why choose iThermo®

► Advanced Thermal Technology

► The Origins

► Subzero for 6 hours

<0°C for over 6 hours  
■ Sustain any temperature that you need  
With advanced thermal technology, iThermo Cell™ freezes at 32°F, 14°F (0°C, -10°C) or lower for a long period of time for more than 6 hours, to sustain the temperature of the cold items stored.

iThermo® is different from wet ice and other cooling agents in its capability to deliver sub-zero degree performance. While all similar products can only deliver 0˚C temperature, the iThermo Cell™ is capable to deliver different temperature from 50°F (10°C) to even -22°F (-30°C) or lower.
■ Excellent Replacement of Wet Ice  
The graph shows:
iThermo Cell™ Z20 is 20% cooler than wet ice.
And iThermo Cell™ Z20 can deliver sub-zero temperature for a minimum of 6 hours which the wet ice cannot deliver.

  ■ Sustain at extremely low temperature for long hours  
  iThermo® does more than producing lower temperature. With the use of iThermo HUB™, our various cold storage systems, the extreme temperature could be sustained for an extended period of more than 10 hours.